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Books You Will Not Believe Are Banned in Texas Prisons

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Censorship in any form is a tricky issue. While we're lucky to not live in the world of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 (a novel which, by some cosmic irony, was at one point banned itself), there have nevertheless been countless instances in which some of the most profound novels, poems, or essays of all time have been kicked out of libraries. The list of banned books is long and fraught with controversies, but the list of books banned in Texas prisons is even stranger.

Whether it's due to moral, political, religious, or even commercial reasoning, certain institutions selecting which books can stay and which will be given the silent treatment has, sadly, been in practice since the invention of the book itself. The Texas state prison system has some very strict rules on the subject, mostly because of what's described as "deviant sexual behavior" found in more than a few pages. Below, you'll find several confounding, outrageous, and truly unbelievable titles that have made the banned books list in Texas prisons. Vote up the books you think shouldn't be banned.