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Books You Didn't Really Need To Read In Middle School

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Regardless of your current appreciation or disdain for literature, the books you have to read in middle school were not always necessary. There are, of course, exceptions, such as Eli Weisel's Night, a memoir which details Weisel's history as a Holocaust survivor and introduces many young students to the story of WWII. Additionally, every district approaches reading requirements differently - meaning your least-favorite novel from the early years of high school or later years of elementary is someone else's middle school experience. The person who approaches Anne of Green Gables as a too-cool-for-school middle schooler might not appreciate the story like a more comprehensive reader would. 

Some of the best books of all time - like Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird - were middle-school requirements for many, but that doesn't mean every paperback your 12-year-old self read impacted your intellectual, moral, social, or spiritual capacity the way a good book often does. And just because you might have enjoyed reading Lowry's The Giver doesn't mean it was necessary.

The best books you were required to read in middle school are also sometimes the least important. Which novels do you think you could have gone without back in junior high?

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