15 Things Boomers Don't Understand About Today's Job Market (According To Workers)

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Job seekers and workers: vote up the things you wish boomers understood about the job market.

No matter how old are you there's always more to learn. When it comes to today's job market, there is a lot more to understand than you might think. These are the things millennials wish boomers understood about the job market. Vote up what boomers don't understand but you wish they did.

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    It's A Numbers And Keywords Game Now

    From Redditor u/TaserLord:

    It is a numbers-and-keywords game now. Back in our day, it was a personality game, you talked to the hiring manager and impressed them. Now, you're one of a thousand CVs being pre-processed by a screening algorithm, and you have to trick that f*cker.

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    You Can't Just "Hit The Street" And Hand Out Resumes

    From Redditor u/alkmaar91:

    The amount of effort that goes into finding a new job. My dad still tells me to "hit the street" meaning I need to go business to business and hand my resume to the receptionist. 12 years ago when I was looking for a part-time job a good 70% told me to do it online or I wouldn't hear anything back.

    I have a good job now but according to him, it isn't a "real job" because I don't get full benefits. So much has changed in the job market.

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    The Employer Is The One Who's Expendable

    From Redditor u/CampusTour:

    Below a certain price point, right now, the employer is the one who's expendable and easily replaced. It's not "you should be grateful to have a job", it's "you should be grateful I'm working here, instead of one of the 3 places across the street who would have me punching in by this afternoon I walked over there."

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    Inflation Compared To Starting Salaries Aren't The Same As They Used To Be

    From Redditor u/Raddatatta:

    How much inflation is compared to how little starting salaries have risen? People starting out now are working hard and making significantly less than their parents did. They seem quick to write it off as millennials are lazy when there's a very different economic reality now than when they were starting out.

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    You Can't Be Hired On The Spot Anymore

    From Redditor u/llcucf80:

    You cannot simply walk into a place of employment, talk to the manager, and be hired on the spot with a firm handshake.

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    Calling To Follow Up After An Interview Is A Bad Idea

    From Redditor u/LuckyRoux89:

    That calling to follow up after an interview is seen as not being able to follow directions, therefore the person is put on the do not hire list.