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All The Evidence That Boomhauer Is An Undercover Secret Agent Spying On Dale On King Of The Hill

One of the greatest pastimes for fans of animated TV is inventing cartoon fan theories about character backstories and the extended world or universe of the show. King of the Hill fan theories run the gamut from Dale knowing John Redcorn is secretly Joseph's father to Cotton Hill faking his death. A lot of these theories are character specific - you have your Boomhauer King of the Hill theories and your buckwild Dale King of the Hill theories. One such theory, concocted by Redditor irrelevant_inquirer, takes the cake as the batsh*t craziest of all: Boomhauer is a secret agent spying on Dale.

Reading those words may not convince you they're true, but think about it. Boomhauer has seemingly endless free time, with no explanation for what he does for a living. He also has the perfect cover - he's been friends with Dale since high school. 

King of the Hill never divulges much detail about Boomhauer's life, which provides the perfect context for insane fan theories. This guy could do or be anyone. Meanwhile, Dale is definitely the kind of person the government would want to keep an eye on, yet is a difficult subject to surveil. From there, everything falls into place: Boomhauer, who was a Texas Ranger, as is revealed at the end of the series, moves in next door to his old buddy and sets up shop to keep an eye on him. Still not convinced? Take a look at all of the evidence laid out below and the incriminating pictures of Boomhauer at work. 

  • He's The Texas James Bond

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    Swap vodka martinis for beer, high society women for a San Antonio Rose, and tailored tuxedos for jeans and a t-shirt, and it's obvious Boomhauer is the James Bond of the Texas suburbs. While James Bond's cover is usually as some sort of playboy or a business man representing Universal Exports, Boomhauer has an established cover as "guy who hangs out," which is probably as close to suburban Texas gets to being a playboy. 

    It's a bulletproof cover: Dale, Bill, and Hank have no idea what he does, and they don't ask questions.

  • Visual Evidence, Exhibit A: Putting The Target At Ease

    Photo: Fox
  • Dale Is Into Some Subversive Stuff

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    Dale is comically incompetent when it comes to uncovering government conspiracies and taking part in anti-government activities, but he's still the kind of person the government would want to keep tabs on, given his radical beliefs and penchant for weapons.

    Some evidence of Dale's subversive tendencies: he sometimes goes by a bizarre alias, Rusty Shackleford, and constantly refers to conspiracy theories throughout the show, voicing his opinion that guns don't kill people, the government does and that a global information aggregator named The Beast concceals itself through computer "errors".

    Dale has a collection of guns, and secures his home with cameras and metal gates. In several episodes, especially around Y2K, he discusses being a prepper, and thinks global warming is a UN plot. He also expresses interest in hunting humans after lip-reading a conversation between bounty hunters at a shooting range. 

  • Visual Evidence, Exhibit B: Boomhauer Studying Dale, Learning His Ways

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