WWE Booty-Os For Breakfast... In Real Life?  

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Are you ready for a spoonful of booty?

Is this the greatest day of our lives??

This is what Big E had to say on Twitter in response to this question: "OK legit question y isn't Booty Os being sold at Walmart?"
Big E, I can tell you that the demand certainly exists! I want my box of Booty-O's and I want them now!! How is everyone supposed to know if they ain't booty if we can't pound a box of Booty-O's every morning?! 

What do you guys think? How quickly would you go out and purchase a box of Booty-O's if they were in fact a real thing? Personally... I'll take twenty.

Don't you dare be sour!

Clap for your world famous tag team champs and feel the power!