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Here Are All The Boozy Drinks You Can Get At The Infamous Taco Bell Cantina

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Taco Bell has been making headlines with their recent decision to open over 300 new locations that ditch the drive-thru, but offer customers something more enticing. That’s right, you can now get alcoholic beverages at Taco Bell! They opened their flagship Taco Bell Cantina location in the heart of the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago in 2015 and have since added locations in cities like Las Vegas, Nashville, and San Francisco, with plans to add many more.

Although different locations use different brands of alcohol in their drinks, patrons may be surprised to find that all Taco Bell Cantina locations use top shelf liquor in their drinks. The Chicago location, for example, uses Don Julio Tequila, Ketel One Vodka, and Captain Morgan White Rum to amp up their list of frozen drinks. Mixing options include Cantina Punch, Cantina Margarita, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast. At some locations, patrons can mix and match from multiple frozen drink selections, including Slurpee staples such as cherry, piña-colada, and blue raspberry. Think 7-11 with an 'add booze' option.

So, if you had no idea that your favorite Mexican fast-food joint was offering booze, and you're just now learning about the secrets of the T-Bell menu, check out this list all the boozy drinks at the Taco Bell Cantina. Don't forget to vote up the best booze at Taco Bell Cantina!

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    Cantina Margarita With High-End Tequila

    What's in it:

    Margarita flavored freeze with a 1oz shot of high-end tequila such as Don Julio or 1800.

    What it tastes like:

    Traditional chain restaurant style margarita mix flavor with a hint of tequila. According to reviews, the drink could use an extra dose of lime and a couple extra shots of tequila. Not bad for fast-food booze.


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    Mountain Dew Baja Blast With Top Shelf Vodka

    What's in it:

    Frozen Mountain Dew Baja Blast with a shot of high-end tequila such as Ketel One or Sky.

    What it tastes like:

    One Chicago Cantina patron compared it to a "green sour patch kid with all the delicious sour powder already licked off." Admittedly not a glowing review, but if you order it with extra shots, at least you'll get too drunk to care about the taste.

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    Mountain Dew Baja Blast With Top Shelf Tequila

    What's in it:

    Frozen Mountain Dew Baja Blast and a shot of top-shelf tequila such as Don Julio or 1800.

    What it tastes like:

    The traditional high energy soft drink Taco Bell patrons have come to love with tangy tequila twist.

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    Twisted Piña Colada

    What's In It:

    A frozen piña colada, twisted with a shot of your favorite type of booze (vodka, tequila, or rum)

    What It Tastes Like:

    A customizable frozen take on a traditional piña colada. Hard to complain about that.

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