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The Most Boring Things About No Man's Sky 

Jason Robbins
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It's not really fair only discussing the boring things about No Man's Sky. While the anticipated game is monumentally boring in a gameplay capacity, it is a landmark achievement in game design and software toolsets. The ability of the game to procedurally generate an entire virtual universe of quadrillions of unique planets to visit and explore is awe-inducing, and something in which Hello Games should take great pride.

That said, what you do in said universe, and what you can find during said exploration, fall far short of standards for compelling gameplay. You can't procedurally generate thought-provoking archeological wonders, and you can't procedurally generate compelling storytelling. That's nothing to say of exciting and mechanically satisfying combat, or challenging enemies to fight. These things need to be cooked up from scratch with the love and talent only seasoned writers and game designers can provide. This is where No Man's Sky falls short.

And so, it gives me no pleasure to present to you this list of reasons why No Man's Sky is boring. But, DAMN, is the game boring...

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Exploring the 728th Identical Habitat
The Cumbersome and Quickly Maxed-out Inventory
Constantly Charging Your Life Support & Radiation Protection with Resources You're Never in Danger of Running out of
The Story (Or Lack Thereof)
Deciding Which Isotope or Alien Trinket to Dump to Make Room in Your Inventory for New Isotopes and Additional Trinkets
Talking to the Cardboard Cutouts Passing for Intelligent Alien Life
Mining for Resources (90% of the Game)
Waiting to Acquire Atlas Passes
The Walking and Walking and Walking Some More
The Enemies (Or Lack Thereof)
Acquiring Exosuit and Multitool Upgrades That Aren't Worth the Inventory Space
Waiting to Stumble Upon Controls and Shortcuts the Tutorial Never Explained
Choosing Between Endless Walking or Taking off in Your Ship, Flying a Tiny Distance, and Repeating
Figuring out How You Can Be the First to Name Planets and Everything on Them When There Are Already Sentient Creatures on Every Planet
The Combat (Or Lack Thereof)
Fruitlessly Attempting to Scan Birds in the Sky That Never Ever Need to Land
Feeding Animals Your Precious Minerals without Even Getting a Cute Animation for Your Trouble
Shooting at Meteors for Thameum9
Being Killed by Space Pirates Who Don't Even Plunder Your Stuff
Hiding in Caves Waiting for Hostile Sentinels to Abandon the Chase
Thinking of Creative Names for Crossings and Valleys