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The Most Chillingly Mundane Things Killers Did After Committing A Murder

We often expect cold, calculating murderers to continue on with their depravity once they've killed. But not all are that exciting. In fact, some do extremely mundane things after killing. They didn't lead the police on a multi-state chase or run around the streets brandishing a gun. Instead, these boring killers asked the cops to take them to get fast food, boarded an Amtrak training heading south, and even went for a walk on the beach with the remaining members of their family.

These mundane things killers did after committing murder make them seem even more callous and detached, since they show that the act of murder meant little to them - it was just another thing to check off of their to-do list that day. To put it simply, the average things murderers have done make them even more disturbing. There are plenty of creepy and weird things killers have done, but it's possible killers who seemed normal are the creepiest of them all.

  • A Teen Couple Relaxed And Watched "Twilight" After Stabbing A Woman And Her Daughter To Death

    On April 16, 2016, Elizabeth Edwards, 49, and her daughter Katie, 13, were stabbed to death in their Nottingham, England home. The killers were Kim Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards's oldest daughter, and Kim's boyfriend, Lucas Markham. Both were 14 when they committed the murders. After the couple stabbed Kim Edwards's mother and sister in the throat, the young lovers took a bath together, then watched one of the Twilight movies. 

  • Michelle Carter Text Messaged Her Friends After Imploring Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself

    Conrad Roy III killed himself in 2014. His girlfriend, Michelle Carter, egged him on via text message, telling him to commit the deed. Both were teenagers at the time, and in 2017, a jury found Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter for her role in Roy's death. After he killed himself - with Carter helping him, at least by phone - she went on to continue texting her friends and Roy's relatives, never once letting on that she played a part in his death. 

  • Colin Bouwer Went For A Walk On The Beach With His Family After Poisoning His Wife

    Colin Bouwer killed his wife Annette in 2000. At the time, the South African doctor and his family lived in Dunedin, New Zealand. Reportedly, after he fatally poisoned Annette, he took his family for a walk on the beach. Law enforcement arrested him in September 2000, and in 2001, he received life imprisonment - of which he had to serve at least 15 years before he came up for parole. In 2017, Bouwer received parole, but as a conditon, he had to immediately leave New Zealand and never come back. 

  • Joseph Borowiak Posted A Selfie And Stopped For Pizza, Even Though He Was Covered In Blood

    Joseph Borowiak shot his aunt and uncle to death in their Michigan home in September 2017. After he killed them, Borowiak took a selfie in front of their home and posted it to one of his social media accounts, along with a hit list of other potential victims. He then went to a local pizza shop for a meal, despite the fact he had blood on his shirt and eyeglasses. His aunt and uncle took care of Borowiak, who had several undisclosed mental illnesses. He claimed to be God and kept a cache of Bibles and an altar in his basement room.