The Most Chillingly Mundane Things Killers Did After Committing A Murder

We often expect cold, calculating murderers to continue on with their depravity once they've killed. But not all are that exciting. In fact, some do extremely mundane things after killing. They didn't lead the police on a multi-state chase or run around the streets brandishing a gun. Instead, these boring killers asked the cops to take them to get fast food, boarded an Amtrak training heading south, and even went for a walk on the beach with the remaining members of their family.

These mundane things killers did after committing murder make them seem even more callous and detached, since they show that the act of murder meant little to them - it was just another thing to check off of their to-do list that day. To put it simply, the average things murderers have done make them even more disturbing. There are plenty of creepy and weird things killers have done, but it's possible killers who seemed normal are the creepiest of them all.