Fans Are Pointing Out Heartbreaking Things They Noticed About Boromir

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Vote up the most heartbreaking things about the most tortured member of the Fellowship.

Boromir might be the most tortured member of the Fellowship and fans have been pointing out all the ways that's true.

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    Boromir Fighting To Protect Merry And Pippin Unfortunately Convinced The Orcs They Were Ringbearers

    From Redditor u/1_wing_angel:

    Boromir broke the Fellowship when he gave into the Ring's temptation, but he gave Frodo and Sam the opportunity to escape and finish the quest by sacrificing himself for Pippin and Merry. The Orcs thought that they had captured the Ringbearer because Boromir ("the Great Warrior," they called him) fought so ferociously to save the hobbits.

    Boromir could have abandoned Pippin and Merry and saved himself, but he didn't. In part, I've always believed, because he was ashamed of his behavior with Frodo and determined to redeem himself. And he achieves redemption. Gandalf later states that he was worried for Boromir, but that Boromir "was saved, at the end."

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    Boromir's Heartbreaking Sacrifice Motivated The Rest Of The Fellowship

    From Redditor u/Mercurium808:

    Boromir is the sacrifice made for victory. Without his death and acceptance, Aragorn may never have accepted his role as King of Men. Frodo would not have taken the hidden roads into Mordor. Pippin would not have been present to summon Gandalf and save Faramir. His death, arguably, sets in motion the outcome of the entire story. 

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    People Relate To Boromir More As They Age

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    Boromir Had To Hold Osgiliath For Most Of His Life

    From Redditor u/Mercurium808:

    I think something to remember about Boromir is that he has held Osgiliath, literally the front line of the war, for most of his life. No member of the Fellowship has seen as much death, or lost as many loved ones, as Boromir. 

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    The Choir In The Song Playing During Boromir's Death Is Actually Singing Elvish

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    Boromir Was Meant To Represent Who We Are Now