12 'Boruto' Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

Boruto is an ongoing series with new things being revealed every time a chapter or episode comes out. While its fans wait to learn more, some of them are busy coming up with fan theories that explain unsolved mysteries, fill in details about the characters, and overall make sense of the series. This list will be spotlighting some of those theories. 

Many fans have speculated that Naruto Uzumaki will lose his life permanently. He's certainly come close, and there's a surprising amount of evidence to support the idea. Here's one that's a little less depressing: no one knows who Metal Lee's mother is, but many people think that it's probably Rock Lee's former teammate, Tenten. There's more where that came from, but be warned: this list is absolutely full of Boruto spoilers.


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    The Jogan Eye Is The Originator Of All Doujutsu

    So far, very little is known about the Jogan Eye, which Boruto Uzumaki awakened when he was a student at Ninja Academy. We don't know where it comes from, why Boruto has it, or the full extent of what it can do. We do know that it's likely connected to the Byakugan, the signature jutsu of his his mother's family, which means that it's also connected to the Tenseigan, which is what you get when you implant a Byakugan into a member of the Otsutsuki clan. The Otsutsukis are well aware of the Jogan Eye, and have hinted that it has enormous and terrifying potential. 

    Redditor u/Boruto-sennin thinks that the reason they know so much about it is that the Jogan Eye actually came before the Byakugan and the Tenseigan, and is in fact the originator of all doujutsu. The Otsutsukis is already known as the source for many powers and people in the Naruto-verse, so it's not impossible. Add the meaning of the name: 浄眼 or Pure Eye and it's hard to dismiss the idea.

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    Why Does Shino Become A Teacher?

    For some fans, the idea of the quietly badass Shino Aburame becoming an especially dorky teacher feels more than a little off-putting. Some thought he was more suited to Anbu or another similar organization. But Quora user Archie Ben has a theory about why Shino chose the route he did:

    "Shino has always been a character that lurked in the shadows (in part one and two). However, Shino was also the type of person that hated this very thing, and wished to emerge and have a bigger impact on the shinobi world like his fellow ninja seemed to be doing. So, out of the desire to grant the next generation wisdom and preparation, he decided to become a teacher and mold the young into great shinobi.

    To me it was a perfect fit. Shino has always secretly been a helper if even in the littlest of ways. Be it with missions, advice or protection, he was always there to give a helping hand. The fact that in Part One and Two he wasn’t really selected for missions as often as his peers, I could see why he would want to take the route of a teacher in order to show that he too can be useful… as sad as it sounds."

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    Mitsuki Has Otsutsuki DNA

    Not much is known about how Orochimaru created Mitsuki. He can't be a direct clone with Orochimaru's exact genetic materials, because if they did, Mitsuki would look a lot more like Orochimaru. He had to have been modified somehow - but whose DNA was used? 

    Some fans think that the DNA belonged to Kaguya Otsutsuki, the final boss at the end of Naruto Shippuden. Why Kaguya? First of all, the physical resemblance is uncanny. Second of all, Mitsuki displays healing abilities that match hers. There's no good answer to the question of how he got ahold of that DNA, but if there's one thing we know about Orochimaru, it's that when he wants something, he finds a way to get it.

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    Amado Might Be The True Villain

    Recently, the Boruto manga revealed that Amado wasn't really a loyal member of Kara, and was only involved in the organization so that he could defeat Isshiki. He defected to Konoha and ended up giving Naruto and the rest of the Konoha government a ton of useful information that would help them deal with Isshiki. 

    But is that all there is to the story? This article on ScreenRant posits that Amado is actually still a villain. First of all, when Isshiki is defeated he spends a lot of time mumbling into his hand, and when he actually says something coherent he's showing way more concern about Kawaki - the precious vessel intended for Isshiki - than he otherwise might have. What's more, when he's alone with Koji Kashin, a man who is supposedly his ally, he says: "the world will kneel before Kara." It's possible that he only said it in case of surveillance, but it still seems off if he's not on Kara's side.

    Here's another detail. We don't know for sure that Kawaki becomes a villain, but the opening scene where he's fighting Boruto implies it. But if Kawaki is no longer under Jigen or Isshiki's control, how does that happen? Did he come to his own conclusions, or did Amado push him to it? We don't know yet, but it'll be interesting to see how things pan out.