Boston Freedom Trail Sites and Monuments

The Boston, Massachusetts Freedom Trail is a mostly brick path leading to multiple historical sites within the city. This list includes all of the 16 stops along the trail, and includes various significant buildings, churches, public squares, cemeteries and memorials.

The total distance covered by the trail is about 2 and a half miles, from Boston Common to the nearby Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. Much of the walk leads directly through Downtown Boston, making it an ideal tourist destination for anyone interested in the nation's history or looking for an excuse to walk through the City of Boston. Along the trail, markers note the significance of various stops and give a bit of context and background to the importance of the site. The Trail was built in the 1950s as a way to better organize, link and promote the notable landmarks in Boston.

Most of the destinations along the route (which include churches, old homes, cemeteries and monuments) are free to visit, though a few - such as the famed Paul Revere House - charge a nominal fee. The tour also includes a stop at the location of the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770, when the murder of 5 colonial civilians by British soldiers stirred outrage against the Redcoats and helped lead the Colonies to war.

The trail is maintained by the Freedom Trail Foundation, and the National Park Service also helps to promote the Trail by distributing guides and information on State Street in Boston.

  • Boston Common
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Massachusetts State House
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Park Street Church

    Park Street Church

  • Granary Burying Ground

    Granary Burying Ground

    Massachusetts, USA
  • Kings Chapel

    Kings Chapel

    Alabama, USA
  • Boston Latin School

    Boston Latin School