Boston Slang Terms To Learn So You Can Fit In With 'The Hub'

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Boston is one of the most culturally unique cities in America, and the Boston accent is perhaps one of the most recognizable. The city was crucial in the founding of the United States, and the people of Boston retain that spirit of independence to this very day. In fact, Bostonians are so independent they have pretty much formed a unique dialect that doesn't quite sound like any other in the country. The words you hear in Boston - and the way Bostonians say them - can be confusing for an outsider, especially if you're unfamiliar with Boston slang. 

If you're planning a trip to Beantown, it might help if you learned how to speak like a Bostonian. Not every person from Boston uses the same slang, and the proper use of some of these terms can be argued 'til the cows come home, but most Bostonians will recognize these phrases immediately. If you want to fit in with the rest of "the Hub," this handy list of slang terms will have you sounding like a local in no time.

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    The Cape

    Meaning: Shorthand for Cape Cod.

    Use It In A Sentence: John and Katie just bought a house on the Cape; it's beautiful!

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    Meaning: Another way of saying "very." 

    Use It In A Sentence: That was a wicked good hot dog. 

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    Meaning: Another name for a remote control

    Use It In A Sentence: Dad, I can't find the clicker, so I'm not going to be able to watch the Cs game. 

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    The Pike

    Meaning: Nickname for the Massachusetts Turnpike, a major toll road.

    Use It In A Sentence: Traffic on the Pike made me late to work. 

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    The Pats

    Meaning: Shorthand for the New England Patriots, Boston's NFL team. 

    Use It In A Sentence: The Pats are going to win the Super Bowl this year, I can feel it. 

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    Bang A Uey

    Meaning: To make an abrupt U-turn

    Use It In A Sentence: I missed my exit so let me bang a uey real quick.

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