Did This Man Capture Genuine Evidence Of A Violent Haunting?

It's not always a problem to have ghosts living in your home. Some real life haunted houses are actually quite pleasant, as a mischievous ghost can help add character to an otherwise normal dwelling. After all, who among us is not exhilarated by the glimpse of a levitating lamp or a phantom knocking in the walls?

Unfortunately, the story of the Bothell home haunting is considerably more grim. The violent ghosts who terrorized Keith Linder were extremely aggressive, and made their presence known to anyone who entered the home in Bothell, WA. Starting around 2011, mysterious voices were caught on tape, and household objects would disappear, only to be found smoldering some time later. The happenings became so ruthless that Linder was eventually forced to move in 2016. 

Eventually, the situation escalated to the point that TV crews, paranormal investigators, and scientific researchers were called in. People became desperate to hear Linder's story, and to capture concrete photographic evidence of a supernatural presence. It all may sound like a horror movie, but Linder's account of the haunting has never wavered.

  • The Poltergeist Started Small, Opening Cabinet Doors And Making Plants Levitate

    In an interview with Supernatural Magazine, Keith Linder described the first time he realized that something seriously weird was happening in his house. Linder was watching a movie with his girlfriend, when a nearby potted plant began to rise up into the air and spin around. According to Linder:

    "It rose up about 6 inches, etc. and did a 360 degree turn and fell over. Just out of the blue. Prior to that there had been sounds, subtle BANGS, and waking up finding cabinet doors open... [After that] there was no denying our house was haunted. Something was here."

  • Bibles Mysteriously Caught Fire

    Bibles Mysteriously Caught Fire
    Video: YouTube

    Keith Linder kept a collection of bibles in his house, much to the displeasure of his supernatural guest. In an interview with Supernatural Magazine, Linder remembers the time when three bibles disappeared, only to be found later, engulfed in flames: 

    "The first Bible was missing for over a year and came back to us on fire. It wasn’t the fire that woke us up. The door was closed. The fire alarm woke us up and when we opened the door there was the Bible. That’s nuts." 

    In addition to being sacrilege, the fire could have easily killed Linder and his girlfriend, had they not awoken in time. 

  • The Ghost Liked To Throw Around Deadly Objects Like Knives

    After the ghost made it's presence known to Linder, the situation began to escalate quickly. In a retrospective interview, Linder recalls the time he witnessed a butcher knife fly mysteriously down the hallway that lead to his office. Candles, vases, bar stools and beer bottles were also mysteriously tossed around. Linder's bedroom door slammed shut every night, objects flew across the room and were pulled through walls, and Linder's TV turned itself on and off, even after the set had been unplugged. This mayhem continued constantly for years. 

  • Linder's Story Was Featured On 'Ghost Adventures'

    Considering the extremity of Linder's paranormal claims, it's no wonder his story ended up catching the attention of several ghost hunting TV shows. Ghost Adventures was the first series to look into Linder's case; the show sent a production team to the house to record any strange activity. Ultimately, the team couldn't find much evidence to suggest that the house was truly haunted. However, in Linder's own words, "They're not here to approve or disprove anything." Linder persisted with his claims, and enlisted the help of several certified parapsychologists after TV experts left him unsatisfied. 

  • Linder Witnessed An Apparition In The Form Of An Old Lady

    Linder Witnessed An Apparition In The Form Of An Old Lady
    Video: YouTube

    The most unsettling thing that Keith Linder recalls in his interview with Supernatural Magazine is the apparition he saw in the summer of 2012:

    "The thing I remember about that whole experience is her face. The gray ladies [sic] face. She had a look of mischief. But she also had a look of being tired, confused, and scared. I truly believe when she turned off my light switch. I heard the switch go off and it made a sound. That sound reached my ears."

    Linder claims to have seen this same lady on three separate occasions.

  • Parapsychologists Concluded The Spirits Were Irish Settlers

    Parapsychologists Concluded The Spirits Were Irish Settlers
    Video: YouTube

    After the TV show Ghost Adventures was unable to unravel the mystery of Linder's home, he recruited a team from the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology to investigate the strange activity. The scientists set up motion detectors throughout the house, and placed voice recording equipment in every room. After capturing evidence of various happenings, they concluded that the movements and voices might be the work of Irish settlers. Parapsychologist Steve Mera later described the investigation to Q13 Fox, saying:

    "We came here, we listened to Keith's story... We talked to a priest. That priest told us something quite phenomenal, that there was evidence, or he believed, Keith's home was built on settlements of people who had passed away and they could still be here."

    Apparently, the team collected evidence of "electronic voice phenomena" (427 recordings to be exact), but are for the moment keeping all their findings under wraps.