Bouncers And Security Guards Reveal The Signs Some Serious Shenanigans Are About To Go Down

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If you want to know what's really going on up in the club, you've got to seek out the people who have seen it all. Bouncers and security guards always have their eyes peeled and they're trained to shut down tomfoolery before it explodes and ruins everyone's night. What may seem like harmless antics from a drunk dude or socially awkward girl to the untrained eye, could really be the precursors of a ticking time bomb. We've sorted through tons of bouncer and security guard stories and collected the best ones here so you can learn who to watch out for to avoid drama (or to see it go down if that's what you're into).

We can probably all agree that bros who do anything to get drunk are trouble. The same goes for girls who are feeling themselves so much that they get up on the table to dance, and anyone who shows you their concealed carry permit. Bad things always happen in crowded bars but would you ever expect anything crazy from the friendly, outgoing guy who went clubbing by himself? These maintainers of club civility believe that you should. Read their descriptions and take note.

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    The Group Of Nervous Girls

    A doorman on Reddit shares:

    "If one to three girls walk in looking nervous, ALWAYS stop the guy who steps in immediately behind them. Nine out of 10 times, they circle back and thank you for stopping the creep they couldn't ditch."

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    Dudes That Grab Girls They Don't Know

    A bar manager says,

    "I managed a high traffic college bar for years. Biggest signal for fights is a dude grabbing women uninvited.

    "They can be alone or with their friends. Men who make this a habit have absolutely faced consequences for it in the past but don't care or at least don't care about in that moment.

    "Sh*t will go down because we tossed them or [because] some invested party notices it before we do and takes things into their own hands.

    "You need to watch out for men taking advantage of drunk women at all f*cking times. But random grabbing is especially sure to cause brawls. And where I worked, the brawls could go 50-70 people deep in minutes."

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    People With Concealed Carry Permits

    A doorman says:

    "If someone hands me a CCP as ID and flashes a tough-guy grin to me, I always remove them from the premises, immediately. Yeah I know what the f*cking Second Amendment is. I like guns too, buddy. But guns and alcohol don't mix, and certainly not in my bar."

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    Predatory Guys Who Come In Once Every Woman Is Drunk

    One previous bouncer notes:

    "In a Pac-12 college bar... you would... get a fair amount of predatory dudes that would roll in like an hour before closing, single out wasted college girls, and try and take them home. I felt like the key to bouncing was mostly awareness. Being tall also helped."

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    The Bro Who Loves Shots And Throwing Down

    The anonymous bouncer Redditor calls this one "The King of the Pack."

    "He rolled in with his four best bros. He is the one that insists on doing more and more shots and is the only voice you hear on the porch. [And he's] far too animated to ever be referred to as chill. Someone will offend him in the least offensive possible way and with his backup bros, [he] will proceed to start a fight with any random person over anything. Somehow, he will demand respect and talk about his family or something."

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    People Who Arrive In Party Buses And Wear Costumes

    A brewery security guard shares: 

    "Generally all of the trouble we get in our tap room comes from patrons that come in on buses. Like party buses. If they are under 30-years-old and get off the bus already drunk I'd say there is a 50/50 chance they are going to start some shit.

    "If they get off the bus and they are wearing costumes, which is incredibly common, it's like a 90% chance I'm going to have to physically remove someone.

    "Idk why being dressed like a pimp... in the 80's empowers you to act like a full blown d-bag, but it does. It's alright I love tackling drunk frat dbags."