Bowling Alley Employees Reveal Secrets The Management Doesn't Want You To Know

Even though you haven't been to a bowling alley since you were invited to a duckpin-themed bat mitzvah in middle school, you'd be down to give the sport another try. After all, bowling is fun, and will no doubt cause you to reminisce about your youth in the '80s and '90s.

A trip to the lanes is one of the easiest ways to have a good time. For once, striking out is a good thing, and bowlers get to enjoy a smattering of fried delectables while "exercising." However, the employees at most bowling alleys have a different view of their workplaces. 

Like Walmart employees, bowling alley attendants have it especially hard. While everybody loves crushing endless rows of pins, few people ever consider the hard work that goes into maintaining a bowling alley.  Now, Redditors who moonlight as employees in bowling establishments are finally airing their gripes. You might not believe half the secrets they share; the alleys' managers would certainly be appalled.

  • Balls Are Almost Never Cleaned

    From Redditor /u/ReflexEight

    "Worked at one for three years... Wash your hands often. We never cleaned our balls."

  • More People Die In Pin-Related Accidents Than You Might Think

    From Redditor /u/robbysaur

    "Kids can easily be crushed by the pinsetters. On average, one person a month, globally, dies from a pinsetter. Usually it's someone working under the machine that forgot to turn it off, but I have seen children take off running down lanes, and my manager has had heart attacks from it."

  • Bowling Alleys Are The Perfect Venue For Sordid Affairs

    From Redditor /u/prunepicker

    "My sister worked at two different bowling alleys. The number of people meeting up and having affairs was staggering. Owner. Employees. Pro shop owner. League bowlers. Everyone was screwing around."

  • Employees Might Actually Be Sabotaging You

    From Redditor /u/canadianpresident:

    "I remember sabotaging [games]. I would take a pin out of the machine before it set, add a pin so they fall over, not return a ball, stupid stuff just so that they had to ask for service and here I come to the rescue."

  • If You Think Professional Bowlers Are Odd, You're Right

    From Redditor /u/jerk_office:

    "League bowlers are the most socially awkward bastards ever. Imagine a high school nerd that's overly proud of his DnD stats.

    They expect you to know everything about bowling and pinsetter machines even though you only work the register, they're cocky af if they bring in a date, their jokes are only funny to 50 year old men because they're 50 year old men. Oh, and if they don't bowl high enough or gutter a ball, they throw mini tantrums. They will literally pay for game after game until their average is high enough to brag about to anyone who'd listen (i.e: you, stuck at the register). If not, they sulk. Oh, do they sulk."

  • Play Around, And You Might Just Lose A Hand

    From Redditor /u/SFWboring

    "How Roy Munson lost his hand in the movie Kingpin is totally real and feasible. Don't f*ck around with ball returns either. The hole is only large enough for a bowling ball, not your bowling ball and your hand. Also, don't throw your ball at the pin sweeper when it is down and think it's funny. You f*ck stuff up like that and break or bend things."