11 Insane Facts About Box Jellyfish, The Most Venomous Marine Animal

It's not surprising that the world's deadliest creature lives in Australia, since the continent is home to some extremely scary animals and insects. But this creature, which could easily kill you within minutes, is not a spider, a snake, or a shark. In fact, it doesn't even have teeth. It's a box jellyfish. Although this species of jelly can be found in warm waters all over the world, and many of them are poisonous, the box jellies of Australia take the title as the biggest, baddest, and most lethal.

Chironex fleckeri is officially known as the most venomous marine animal, and one sting from a tentacle can bring on extreme pain, shock, and even heart attack within minutes. Scary box jellyfish facts also include stories of victims drowning after they were unable to make it back to shore. Although most Australian beaches feature large yellow signs warning of the dangerous jellies in the water, people continue to get stung and die every year.

So, is it safe to go into the water? Yes and no. Box jelly populations around the world are increasing, leading to more encounters with humans. Here's what you need to know about the deadly box jellyfish to say safe at the shore.