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The Most Infamous Box Office Flop From The Year You Were Born

When filmmakers set out to make movies, they don't wish to make something people don't want to see, but they don't know what will happen to make their film the most reviled of that year until audiences and critics see it and decide for themselves. 

For every year since you were born, there's been one movie that was panned by critics, ignored by audiences, or both. Some have been redeemed in later years as cult classics or unrealized masterpieces, while others are destined to remain in the dustbin of history because they didn't have any redeeming qualities. 

Some are bad in a good way, but others are never going to be, in any way, worth seeing. Here are the movies that were the flops, the stinkers, and the top of the trash heap since the year you were born. Did they get a bad rap for no reason, or did they really deserve the scorn?