The All-Time Greatest Boxing Movies Ever Made

What are the best boxing movies of all time? From Rocky to Million Dollar Baby, all the classic movies about boxing are here. Boxing movies are popular because of the passion behind the sport itself, so boxing in film acts as a metaphor for the human condition. Boxing is all about hard work, dedication, and perseverance against the odds. Following a boxer's journey lets an audience share in the pain, the loss, and the triumphant victory of the hero. Whether it's an old classic or one of the great and more recent boxing movies. The FighterSouthpaw, and Creed II are all great movies about boxing. There's a lot to love about watching a boxer trying to fight his way to the top. But which one these boxing movies should be at the top of this list? 

Vote up your picks for all the best boxing movies, and vote down the ones that couldn't take a punch. When you're done voting, check out the Best Boxing Films on Netflix to see which of your boxing favorites are currently streaming. 

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