The Most Epic Boy Band Tattoos Ever

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Is there a certain band out there that you just can’t get enough of? Have you ever thought about expressing your love for them by doing something as epic as, say… tattooing their name on your skin? If so, this list of boy band tattoos is right up your alley! Before you rush into something as permanent as inking your favorite Backstreet Boys lyric into your flesh, we'd like to take the opportunity to show you just how wrong these kinds of tattoos can go. 

While some bands, like the Beatles, have indeed achieved a certain level of timelessness that may warrant a tattoo, there are other bands out there that may or may not look quite so hot at a PTA meeting 20 years from now. Though your love for One Direction may seem eternal at the moment, let’s take a look at the some of the more permanent expressions of loyalty a few other folks chose to display about a decade ago. You see, before Justin Timberlake went solo, and "Bieber fever" hit American pre-teen girls like a bad flu, there was a time when boy bands reigned supreme.

It was back then that some of the folks you’re about to see assumed that wearing an eternal tribute to *NSYNC or New Kids on the Block was definitely a fashion statement that would never go out of style. While the occasional tasteful Rolling Stones tattoo, or a well-placed, meaningful song lyric can actually be kind of awesome, let’s just say that not all of these folks are feeling their ink with as much enthusiasm as they did when they were 18.  

Without further ado, let’s check out just how well - and how wrong - the boy band tattoo craze can go. Vote for your favorite outdated boy band tattoo below!