The Best Boy Bands Wink

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Only groups with the word "Boys" in the name. Individual singers and artists OK!

Beastie Boys! Pet Shop Boys! Los Lonely Boys! Which "boy" bands (wink) get you snapping your fingers and swinging your hips? This is a list of all of the world's musical groups that have named themselves something about Boys. All of the top guys are here: Backstreet Boys, The Beach Boys, and even individual boys like Fatboy Slim and Soulja Boy. Which of these young men are your ATFs? 

Bands and singers who name themselves "boy" or "boys" or boiz" project a youthful, devil-may-care attitude. No stodgy adults here - just careless bucks trying to find their places in the world. Will Big Boi ever grow up? Did the current lineup of the Oak Ridge Boys have a joint 70th birthday party at Showbiz Pizza? Are the Backstreet Boys still hanging out in dark alleys, smoking cigarettes and intimidating nerdy teens behind the Dairy Queen? Probably! Vote up your favorite boy / boys bands and artists.
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