WATCH "The Boy In The Box" Remains The Most Disturbing Unsolved Murder In American History  

Rebecca High

Philadelphia's most baffling crime has stumped police and amateur investigators alike for more than 50 years, and this video establishes everything you need to know about the sad mystery of the boy in the box.

In 1957, an illegal muskrat hunter stumbled upon a box containing a small boy estimated to be between the ages of three and seven, partially wrapped in a blanket. The hunter left the box there for fear of being accused of illegally hunting. A few days later, however, a college student stumbled upon the same box and reported it to police. 

Investigators scoured the woods for clues and desperately attempted to identify the boy, but this was the '50s and forensic methods were primitive at best. Eventually they tracked down a few leads, but, could never affirm the boy's identity.

The story is certainly an unnerving one, shrouded in mystery as it is. To dive into a rabbit hole of unsolvable mysteries, watch this video about America's Unknown Child.