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Adult Jokes You Never Noticed On 'Boy Meets World'

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While we were busy being emotionally invested in Cory and Topanga’s relationship and learning life lessons from the trials and tribulations of the characters on the show, we failed to notice the adult jokes in Boy Meets World. At this point, we’re all aware that every series geared towards kids or families had dirty jokes, but it’s still fun to go back and look at them with a matured mind.

It's really weird rewatching entertainment you loved as a kid and realizing there are so many jokes you missed. These dirty jokes in Boy Meets World might just break your brain a bit. Vote up the jokes you can't believe you missed.

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    Not Quite A Home Run

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    In the Season 5 Halloween episode, “And Then There Was Shawn,” people are being bumped off by an unknown person, horror movie-style. Discussing clichés, Shawn points out that virgins always live in these types of films. Cory and Topanga are happy they’re virgins, while Eric and Jack immediately admit they’re doomed. Shawn says he’ll get “as sick as you can get without actually dying.”

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    Eric Only Has One Thing On His Mind

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    On the episode “They’re Killing Us,” Eric proposes to his brother’s girlfriend, Topanga. As he spews his proposal out, he says to Topanga, “I’ve always loved you – ever since I saw you through that peephole in the bathroom!” If that’s not enough, he follows that up with, “Topanga, marry me and let’s make nick-nick.” Nick-nick, in this case, is clearly a term for making love.
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    Ew, Cooties

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    Cory and Shawn are struggling to understand French as Minkus tries (and fails) to assist them. Then Eric comes in and delivers a reference to French kissing that you probably wouldn’t notice in, say, elementary school, but would possibly grasp in middle school and definitely understand as a high-schooler or older. 

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    Slightly Flashing The Goods

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    In the Season 6 episode “Bee True,” Dean Bolander is chatting with Topanga and Angela about trying to draw romantic interest from Mr. Feeny. She wants to “pick up the pace of this dance” to get him to express his feelings. Angela asks if maybe Dean Bolander’s hints have been subtle, to which she replies “I hiked up my skirt at the seminar!”
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