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Adult Jokes You Never Noticed On 'Boy Meets World'

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While we were busy being emotionally invested in Cory and Topanga’s relationship and learning life lessons from the trials and tribulations of the characters on the show, we failed to notice the adult jokes in Boy Meets World. At this point, we’re all aware that every series geared towards kids or families had dirty jokes, but it’s still fun to go back and look at them with a matured mind.

It's really weird rewatching entertainment you loved as a kid and realizing there are so many jokes you missed. These dirty jokes in Boy Meets World might just break your brain a bit. Vote up the jokes you can't believe you missed.

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    Cory Doesn't Want To Hear About Two Men Hooking Up

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    In the Season 4 episode "Dangerous Secret," Cory believes Shawn is getting intimate while he and Topanga still aren’t, leading him to seek out Eric for advice. Part of their exchange goes:

    Cory: You never even told me about your first time.
    Eric: Remember Mitchell Davis?
    Cory: There’s an unexpected surprise, why don’t you tell me about your second time.

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    The Virginity Joke

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    In a discussion in the Season 5 episode "The Eskimo," we see Mr. Feeny tell the group that “There’s a first time for everything.” Cory replies, “That argument doesn’t get anywhere with [Topanga].”

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    The Glow

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    In Season 1’s “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,” Topanga gets into Eric. During a conversation, as she tries to explain why she’s attracted to him, she says that she noticed his aura was “glowing.” It’s fairly commonly known that having a glow is associated with doing it, so much so that Urban Dictionary defines “glowing” as “showing the radiance of health, excitement, etc., usually as a result of [intimacy].” 

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    Cory Gets Into Pool

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    In Season 3’s “What I Meant To Say,” the opening of the episode shows Cory teaching Topanga how to play pool. Pressed up against her, he says to tap the ball “softly.” Instead, Topanga kisses him and he jolts forward, slamming the stick forward and sending the balls careening around the table.
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