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Things That 'Boy Meets World' Got Away With Not Explaining

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From 1993 to 2000, Boy Meets World consumed the TV schedule of nearly every '90s kid. Although tuning into the adventures of Cory, Topanga, and Shawn was a daytime TV treat, full of humor for both kids and adults, some Boy Meets World errors make the show feel like a confusing and open-ended teenage drama. From disappearing characters to plot holes that make you question the sanity of some of the cast members, important people and background stories just became forgotten parts of Boy Meets World.

Where did Shawn and Topanga's siblings go? What exactly happened to Mr. Turner after that motorcycle accident, and why did it take him decades to recover? Some seemingly innocent questions might turn into dark secrets as you ask yourself what's really going on in this classic sitcom.

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    Cory's Younger Sister Was Replaced With An Older Girl 

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    Morgan Matthews, Cory Matthew's little sister, disappeared and came back as an older girl.

    For two seasons, the actress Lily Nicksay played the peppy little sibling. Actress Lindsay Ridgeway took over the spot after that, and the switch was only referenced as a joke.

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    Eric's Best Friend Left Right Before The SATs

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    At one point in Boy Meets World, Eric has a best friend, Jason Marsden. The two of them prepare for the SATs together, but Jason disappears after their study session and is never seen again.

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    Cory Forgot When He And Topanga First Kissed

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    Cory confused the age that he and Topanga first kissed. In the episode "A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2," Cory claimed they smooched at 13, when he was actually 11.

    To correct it, he said he was going through a stage where he thought girls were gross. These "lost years" ended with Topanga kissing him.

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    It's Unclear Where Jack's Money Came From

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    In the episode "Angela's Ashes," Jack's rich step-dad cut his funds. But Jack had previously said he worked hard for his money. During Season 7, Jack even had a job in the student union.

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