Here's What The Supporting Cast Members Of Boy Meets World Look Like Now

It's been 18 years since Boy Meets World aired its last episode (not including all the reruns). Every viewer mourned the loss of Cory and Topanga's epic love story. The show's heart-warming lessons and testaments of true friendship made Boy Meets World so popular, though, that a new spinoff was created. Girl Meets World aired 15 years after the original's cessation, and Cory and Topanga were able to keep their love strong. They have two adorable kids in the new show!


While most people only wanted to know if Cory and Topanga really were going to make it (and let's be honest, they got married so young that we didn't have high hopes), it's a shame to ignore all the other talent that graced the set. The man who played Mr. Feeny, for example, was a two-time Emmy winner who should never be overlooked.


The Boy Meets World supporting cast members were strong-willed, and for the most part they remained in the industry, although not all of their experiences were great. You won't believe what some of them are doing now.