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26 Things You Didn't Know About Boy Meets World

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Part of the classic TGIF programming block on ABC, Boy Meets World aired from 1993 to 2000 and was in syndication as long as 2014. (You can now watch episodes on Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.) Chances are, you loved this show. Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) was relatable and funny, Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) was everyone's bad-boy crush, and Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) was a strong female character who young girls could look up to. But what else is there that you don't know about Boy Meets World?

Why was it called John Adams High, and what happened to the actor who played Joey "The Rat" Epstein? Which famous TV actors were once just kids on the show, bickering with Cory and Shawn by the lockers? This list is full of Boy Meets World trivia to fill the TGIF-shaped void in your life (or at least the parts that Girl Meets World hasn't uncovered).

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    Mr. Feeny And Dean Bolander Are Married In Real Life

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    They were married on the show as well. In real life, William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett were wed in 1951 and had three children (one passed shortly after birth).

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    Rider Strong Almost Quit

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    Around the fifth season, Strong wanted to go to college. Fortunately, he and show-runner Michael Jacobs worked out a schedule so Strong could both attend college and continue on the show. Strong graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English and also received his MFA from Bennington College.

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    Anthony Tyler Quinn Originally Auditioned For Cory's Dad

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    Ultimately, the writers thought he was too young for the role. He later became the cool teacher, Mr. Turner.

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    Rider Strong Was The First And Last Audition

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    Hundreds of kids signed up to audition for producer Michael Jacobs, hoping to get the role of Shawn. Strong was the first to audition, and Jacobs didn't see anyone else.

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