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The Objectively Worst Decisions Made In 'Boy Meets World'

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For a show designed to help guide preteens through the trials and tribulations of growing up, Boy Meets World endorses some questionable life choices. It's expected that the characters would find themselves in some jams if not to simply put them at George Feeny's back fence asking for advice. Some of these decisions, though, should not have required a trip to Feeny. Ultimately, Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, Angela, and the rest of the crew all end up fine and dandy, but some of the choices these Boy Meets World characters made wouldn't have panned out in the real world. 

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    Cory Lets People Believe He And Topanga Did The Deed - Even Though They Didn't

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    In "Wake Up, Little Cory" (Season 2, episode 7), Topanga and Cory are paired together for a project in Mr. Turner's class. The assignment is inspired by Much Ado About Nothing, and Mr. Turner has students pair up and video interview each other about their feelings on intimacy and love. Mind you, they're still basically tweens at this point. Cory and Topanga spend all night in the AV room editing their material, and when they're caught in the morning by the janitor, the boys at school assume this means the two went all the way.

    When classmates start telling Cory he's the man, he doesn't shut down the idea. In fact, he likes the attention, so he lets the rumor spread. Cory was more concerned with a little ego inflation that he completely neglected to think of what this would mean to Topanga. She finds out and is humiliated. In her (completely justified) anger, she tells Cory they are no longer friends. Of course, she does end up forgiving him, but the two weren't even dating at this point, which makes Cory's lie-by-omission somehow even cringier. 

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    Angela Forces Shawn To Decide Whether Or Not She Goes To Live In Europe

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    Angela's departure from the series was abrupt. In "Angela's Ashes," (Season 7, episode 21), Angela's father, Sgt. Major Alan Moore, says he is relocating to Europe and wants Angela to come with him. Naturally, Shawn is distraught about this. The two walk around the topic on eggshells, and instead of saying what she wants, Angela tells Shawn she will stay if he wants her to. Shawn says she should go but immediately regrets the decision and plans to stop her (with a freakin' marriage proposal). However, Angela reveals that she needs this time with her dad, and Shawn keeps his mouth shut. 

    If Angela knew deep down that she wanted to relocate to Europe with her father, why not tell Shawn? Angela couldn't own her decision and made Shawn do the heavy lifting for what was ultimately a lose-lose situation. 

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    Cory And Topanga Blow All Their Money On A Hawaiian Honeymoon Instead Of A Home 

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    After a relaxing and extravagant honeymoon, Cory and Topanga come back to a harsher reality than they originally left. Topanga told Angela that she would move out, and Angela took that as in "after I am married," so when they make it back to Philadelphia, all of Topanga's stuff is on the floor, and Shawn has moved in instead. And since the two just spent an exorbitant amount on their Hawaii honeymoon, the college newlyweds have nowhere to stay. 

    After Cory's dad refuses to let them stay with them, even though Cory practically begs him, Alan says that they got themselves into this mess, and now they have to deal with it. Feels like a mess that could have been easily avoided if they had put off their honeymoon or done something a little more low-key. Shoot - at the very least, they could have thought about this before their wedding day. Instead, they are stuck in the married dorms, which are full of weird tenants and cockroaches.

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    Topanga Decides Not To Go To Yale - And Proposes To Cory

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    In the Season 5 finale, Cory, Shawn, and Topanga are gearing up to graduate from high school. Despite only being months away from the beginning of the next school year, Topanga has still not decided whether or not she wants to go to Yale. Topanga goes to Mr. Feeney for some sage advice, and he tells her that unless she has a good reason to stay, she should attend the Ivy League school. During the graduation ceremony, Topanga decides that she does have a good reason to stay: Cory. She tells him this, and then gets down on one knee to propose - metaphorically, at least. 

    Unfortunately for Topanga, young love can go away, but a diploma from Yale wouldn't. Roughly 54% of high school couples that marry in their teenage years - as Cory and Topanga seemingly would be, given that she is proposing at their high school graduation - end up getting divorced. If it was truly meant to be, which as Girl Meets World shows, is the case, the young couple could have made distance work while Topanga attended Yale.

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