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The Objectively Worst Decisions Made In 'Boy Meets World'

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For a show designed to help guide preteens through the trials and tribulations of growing up, Boy Meets World endorses some questionable life choices. It's expected that the characters would find themselves in some jams if not to simply put them at George Feeny's back fence asking for advice. Some of these decisions, though, should not have required a trip to Feeny. Ultimately, Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, Angela, and the rest of the crew all end up fine and dandy, but some of the choices these Boy Meets World characters made wouldn't have panned out in the real world. 

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    Cory Makes Out With Lauren On The Ski Trip

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    In the infamous episode "Heartbreak Cory" (Season 5, episode 14), Cory sprains his ankle getting off the bus for a class ski trip. While Topanga, Shawn, and Angela are all hitting the slopes, Cory hits it off with Lauren (Linda Cardellini), an employee at the ski lodge. They spend the entire evening talking, and even when his ankle is better, he pretends it isn't to spend more time with Lauren. Feelings develop, and Lauren kisses him. 

    Cory cheats on Topanga a number of times throughout the series, but this is the most egregious. Even after he confesses to Topanga that he stayed in to talk to Lauren, he leaves out the fact that they kissed. Topanga finds out the hard way: from a love letter Lauren writes and sneaks into Cory's bag before they leave. 

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    Cory Pushes Shawn To Drink With Him, Leading Him Down A Bad Path

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    In "If You Can't Be With The One You Love" (Season 5, episode 18), Cory convinces Shawn to drink with him as he mourns his recent breakup with Topanga. At first, Shawn declines, but Cory is so insistent that he needs to not be let down that Shawn caves and does it. After leaving a party, the two are busted by the cops, and Cory is scared straight. But Shawn isn't. He starts having outbursts in school and admits to Cory's he's been drinking "all week and no one has noticed."

    No, Cory wasn't privy to Shawn's family history at this point - when the boys are in college, we find out that Shawn and Jack's biological father, Chet, physically hurt Jack's mom while drunk. Sure, it would have been helpful to know this at the onset, but if a friend is adamantly saying they don't want to do something, especially something illicit like teen drinking, you lay off. 

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    Shawn Joins A Cult

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    The pressures teenagers face concerning their life after high school is considerable, which is something Shawn grapples with in "Cult Fiction" (Season 4, episode 21). Mr. Turner urges Shawn to think about his future, and when a classmate tells him about a group for "lost souls," he looks into it. The man running the "group" Philip Macke, is actually a cult leader, and he has Shawn wrapped around his finger after only minutes at The Centre. It takes a near-tragedy - Mr. Turner getting into a terrible motorcycle accident - for Shawn to see clearly what The Centre truly was. 

    Joining a cult is a bad decision for anyone, and Shawn was looking for ways to avoid an impending, uncertain future. Spotting cults isn't always easy, and unfortunately, Shawn was in just a delicate enough of a mindset to be roped in. 

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    Shawn And Cory Make A Life-Sized Copy Of An Intimate Photo Of Rachel

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    In "The War" (Season 7, episode 15), Cory, Shawn, and Topanga find themselves in a prank-off against Jack, Rachel, and Angela. The two groups have generally campy pranks - one of which involves dripping honey and a bear - but the one that crosses the line is when Shawn and Cory make a life-sized poster of an intimate photo Rachel gave Jack back when they were dating. They even posted it in a public place.

    The entire group completely unravels and loses trust in one another. Rachel can't believe that Jack would share something so private. Angela learns that Shawn has also shown off pictures of her. Topanga is upset with the boys for not including her in the prank, which she would have stopped. Although the image was somewhat chaste, given the show's primetime slot, it's still unnerving.

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