Woman Wants Advice After 'Boyfriend' Tells Her To Pay For His Divorce & The Reactions Are Priceless

Small problems and occasional tiffs in a relationship are normal. Even happy couples have them now and then. What every happy couple doesn't not have is an "ex" who is still married to one of the people in the relationship. 

Recently, a woman who was having issues in her "relationship" turned to an advice columnist at USA Today to find out what she could do to fix her relationship and it was obvious to everyone that there were many, many problems with her "boyfriend" and their relationship.

So get ready as we embark on the USS Red Flag...

  • It All Started When A Women Turned To An Advice Columnist For An Issue With Her 'Boyfriend'

    In the article "My boyfriend refuses to divorce his ex unless I pay for it. Is this relationship worth saving?" by Morgan Absher, a woman needs a helping hand with her partner of five years. As she states:

    I am a 39-year-old female and my boyfriend is a 33-year-old male. We have been together for five years. There are a few things I can’t handle and have voiced my opinion on, but I get called crazy or just get ignored...

    Read the full article here. 

  • Among The Many Issues: His Current Marriage, He Ignores Her, And He Wants Her To Pay For His Divorce

    In the article, the woman further states:

    He is still married to his ex. While he has promised a divorce, he refuses to get one now unless I pay for it. He and I are intimate three times a month and only when he wants to. He doesn’t compliment or acknowledge any of my social media posts or things I send directly to him (like racy pictures).

    Read the full article here. 

  • The Last Straw Was When He Refused To Celebrate His Birthday With Her

    The woman further states that not only will he not spend his birthday with her, but he has never even celebrated HER BIRTHDAY...OR THEIR ANNIVERSARY:

    What has recently made me upset and is my last straw, is that he decided he wanted to take time off for his birthday. I am not mad that he wants to go and do something alone for his birthday. I’m more upset that he didn’t ask if I was doing anything for him, which I always do, and didn’t ask if I wanted to go. I’m mad that he can take time off for his own birthday, but can’t take off for my birthday or our anniversary. The past two years he has done nothing for both my birthday or anniversary.

    Am I wrong for being mad?

  • Needless To Say, Everyone On Twitter Saw The Red Flag Parade For What It Was


  • People Were Quick To Point Out The Obvious

  • And Tried To Explain The Situation In The Plainest Terms

    And Tried To Explain The Situation In The Plainest Terms
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