What Happened To All The Boyfriends On 'Friends' You Barely Remember Now?

Over the course of the ten years of Friends, boyfriends and girlfriends had a tendency to come and go. In particular, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica had their share of memorable potential mates throughout the seasons – but where are they now?

While we don't know what has become of the actual characters, we do have a solid grasp of what became of many of the memorable actors to play these parts. Of course, many of the actors were already incredibly famous when they appeared on the show and have remained in the public eye since... which is why there's really no need to say what happened to that one guy who played Richard. (If you want to know what Tom Selleck is up to, just turn on your TV and he'll pop up eventually.) But others you may have completely forgotten about. (Fun Bobby, anyone?)

So what happened to all the boyfriends on Friends? We'll break down the boyfriends then and now. Hopefully they were able to stay out of the Friends behind-the-scenes drama.