All of Brad Pitt's Hairstyles, Ranked

Oh, Brad Pitt. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways: bearded, curled, tousled, and with braids. Straightened, gelled, feathered, and hairsprayed. Hollywood’s number one A-lister (and his luscious head of hair) have been melting hearts since he first sizzled on screen in Thelma & Louise.

And over the years, world’s hottest actor (nice try, Chris Hemsworth) has sported some varied, but always-attractive looks. Whether he’s rocking tasteful beach waves like in Troy or nailing the tight fade (like in every movie since Inglorious Basterds), Brad Pitt’s hair is always perfection. Now that we’ve established that he’s in a category unto himself, it’s time for the ultimate challenge: deciding which Brad Pitt hairstyle is the most perfect. It will be tough, it will be overwhelming, it will require looking at pictures of Brad Pitt for hours on end. But you can do it. You must do it.

Vote for Brad Pitt’s hottest hairstyles below, and share your conclusions with the world. Then, print out your favorite photo and give it to your boyfriend to take the stylist next time he needs a trim. Because everyone deserves to have Brad Pitt hair. You’re welcome.

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Photo: Denis Makarenko /