The Best Brad Pitt Movies Of All Time

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More than 4,800 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Brad Pitt movies. Whether it's his iconic turn in Fight Club or his Academy Award-nominated performance in 12 Monkeys, the legendary actor has had a long and successful career. From action blockbusters like Ocean's Eleven to romantic comedies such as Thelma & Louise, there are countless films starring Pitt that deserve recognition.

Thelma and Louise is an unforgettable classic featuring two strong female leads alongside one of Brad Pitt’s early performances. His role as J.D., a free-spirited drifter who joins them on their journey across America, remains one of Pitt’s most memorable characters to date – cementing him as an A-list star. Meanwhile Inglourious Basterds showcases Brad at his best, playing Lt. Aldo Raine with intense charisma and energy throughout this wartime drama set in Nazi occupied France during World War II. It proves beyond doubt that he is capable of excelling in any genre - whether it be comedy or high octane action scenes.

Finally, Seven is another outstanding crime thriller which secured both commercial success and critical acclaim upon its release back in 1995 – with critics praising the performances by both Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt alike! This dark psychological mystery follows two detectives determined to catch a serial killer whose murderous spree is inspired by ‘the seven deadly sins’ - providing viewers with an intriguing story line filled with suspenseful twists and turns along the way! All these films demonstrate why so many people voted for them when creating this list ranking some of the greatest movies starring Mr. Brad Pitt himself - so please make sure you vote up your favorites now too!

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