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In 2010, Bradley Cooper was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Since winning the title, he has been offered numerous leading roles to cement his status as a Hollywood hunk. Also since that title was bestowed upon him, there’s been a sharp increase of searches including the phrase “Bradley Cooper sex life.” Admit it, you’re guilty, but it isn’t your fault. The self-described romantic has a knack for wooing fans all across the world. Maybe it's those steely-blues that set hearts aflame, maybe it's his easy smile. Whatever it is, he causes even the most die-hard straight bro to say, "Yeah, if I had to pick a dude."

Bradley Cooper married Jennifer Esposito, a marriage that lasted four months, but now he’s well known as an actor who has a hard time staying single. He hasn’t been involved with his costar, Jennifer Lawrence, but their BFF relationship makes him even more attractive. (Who wouldn’t want to date Cooper and get to hang out with his bestie Lawrence, right?) But/sBradley Cooper’s girlfriend roster is nothing to scoff at, as it boasts some of the most gorgeous women in the world, including: Irina Shayk, Zoe Saldana, and Zuki Waterhouse./s

Despite a long list of ex and current lovers, Bradley Cooper's sex life remains somewhat of a mystery. The actor is coy when it comes to dishing out NSFW details about his bedroom jaunts. Ever the gentleman, he keeps mum about his dating life. Some investigating will tell you who Cooper's taking to bed, but not much else. If you're curious what makes Cooper such a sex symbol for the masses, here are the juiciest facts around about Cooper.

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He Said Kissing Sarah Jessica Parker Was a Nightmare

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Back in the heyday of Sex and the City, Cooper guest starred as one of Sarah Jessica Parker's many love interests. It was early on in his career, and Cooper had more than enough to be nervous about, but it was his kissing scene with Parker that really made the experience "a nightmare."

Cooper recalled the uncomfortable make out scene that took place in a car. He said, "Right before we shot the scene, this guy came up and I think he said, 'SJP does no tongue. No tongue, man.' And I was like, 'Who's SJP?' So she kisses me, then straddles me in front of the car and all I kept thinking about was keeping my tongue as far back in my mouth as possible."

Cooper went on to praise Parker's professionalism, calling her "great," but he sure didn't feel the same way about his own lips. 
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He'll Never Have Sex with Jennifer Lawrence

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As much as fans and media outlets have suggested and assumed that the constant costars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are engaging in an off-screen love affair, the two have adamantly denied any post-coital cuddling.

When the two were probed about the possibility of romance between them, Cooper stated: "I respect her so much as a professional, as an actor, and I think she's the best there is. I just learn from her. You always want to work with people who are better than you." Lawrence jumped into add that there was "no sex" in their special relationship.

Well, tell that to the numerous fan fiction authors who've been shipping the couple for years.
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He Sweats from His Butt

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Jennifer Lawrence has a lot to say, and her favorite topics of conversation are usually of the embarrassing variety. During filming of Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence generated a theory about Cooper's sweating habits, more specifically that he sweats primarily from his ass.

She said: "I'm pretty sure he sweats from his butt first. You know, you've got pit stains everywhere, but like, his butt would start sweating and I'm like, 'Is your butt sweating before your armpits are sweating?'" Days of rigorous dance rehearsal is what prompted Lawrence's theory, and she refuses to back down from it.

It's a humbling reminder that no one is perfect, and even Hollywood Gods experience swamp-ass.
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Jennifer Lawrence Did the Worst Thing Ever to Him During a Sex Scene

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During filming for their movie Serena, Lawrence and Cooper felt incredibly awkward acting as lovers. Apparently Lawrence continuously "pointed and laughed" during the sex scene, also known as "a man's worst fear." However, Cooper couldn't help but laugh along, adding: "You never know how it's going to be. But for us, we laughed most of the time." Although the two laughed off the jitters, they both described the situation as awkward.

To be fair, most sexual situations are awkward, and there isn't usually a camera crew around to capture it.
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