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From The Wizard of Oz to Game of Thrones, we've always loved a beautiful braid. But do your attempts at braided beauty end up leaving you looking more like Pippi Longstocking than Daenerys Targaryen? That's exactly why we've put together this list of easy braided hairstyles. 

Whether you're doing a standard three-section braid, or getting fancy with a French or Dutch braid, you'll want to follow some tips. Braiding is better with textured or wet hair, so either braid after a shower, or use dry shampoo, a light hairspray, or a texture spray to make hair easier to handle. And remember: practice makes perfect. Even if you're not quite sure how to braid, we bet you pick it up in no time! The more you braid, the better you get at it. 

Our list is filled with crown braids, side braids, fishtail braids, and even a braid that's basically just cool knots. It's always easier to follow directions, so we've included those, as well as links to YouTube tutorials (when available). Regardless of your skill level, there's a hairstyle on this list you can handle. Believe us, we're "knot" good with braiding and even we could handle these.

Before you throw your hair into a boring ponytail or bun, check out our list of braid hairstyle ideas. Vote down the ones you're "knot" feeling and vote up the ones that transform you into a braided beauty.
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Braided Maiden

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Separate hair into three sections - one on either side of you head and then one in the back. Make two braids from the section that is in the back. Then you braid the hair that is one either side of your head - creating a total of 4 braids. Then it's a matter of pinning and folding!

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The Double Dutch

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After creating a side part, create two dutch braids - which is like a french braid except you pull the pieces under. Then secure the two braids with bobby pins behind your ear. Summer Ann then suggests pulling on the pieces of the braids so that they end up looking fuller. 
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Milkmaid Braid

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The trick to this is to have two braids - not just one - to help wrap around your head. Popsugar says to braid two pigtails and then flip the left braid up and cross it over the right braid. Then use bobby pins to secure. 
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Pull Through Braid

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Annies Forget Me Knots suggests teasing your hair first to give it some volume. As you work from one side to the other, you pull in the next section to build the style. For the last piece, you'll continue until you reach the end of your hair. What makes it look awesome is when you pull the braid to make each piece fuller. For longer hair, take the end and pin it under. 
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