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Graveyard Shift
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'Brain In A Bucket' Is A Creepy New Study That Could Lead To A 'Living Hell' For Humans

Updated 21 Mar 2019 2.1k views10 items

Since 2014, scientists at Yale have been working to bring the brains of deceased pigs back to life. They've finally published the results, and the experiment has important and frightening implications for the ethics of potentially reanimating human brains. The process uses a device called BrainEx, which is sometimes called "brain in a bucket," to reanimate the organs. Such experimental medical procedures both fascinate and disturb.

Although the scientists didn't restore consciousness to the pigs' brains, they believe it's possible. Intellectuals in the field of ethics worry what the findings could mean for humankind; they speculate reanimating the brain of a person could lead to a hellish existence in which the brain is conscious but can't interact with the world. 

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