Theories and Predictions About Bran Stark's Role In GoT 

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Warning: This list contains spoilers for the entirety of Game of Thrones, including book spoilers. Voting on theories will be closed when they are either disproven or come to fruition.

Perch upon your favorite weirwood stump and let’s talk Bran Stark theories. Now that he’s the Three-Eyed Raven, is Bran going to become a god? Considering how things go with gods, that’s probably not a pleasant destiny. What we do know is that Bran knows errthang now. He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.

What’s going to happen to Bran in Game of Thrones? Well, according to various Brandon Stark fan theories, he could have started all of this recent mess by getting addicted to warging. Or he was the one who made Aerys the Mad King go mad by greensighting back in time and trying to change the past.

Maybe Bran is literally the key that unlocks the Wall for the Night King and they must warg-battle to the death. Or will the battle consist of Bran assisting Jon in some way? Whatever it is, we can’t wait.

Some have wondered, when this whole thing is said and done, is Bran a tree? It’s not far out of the realm of possibility considering that the last Three-Eyed Raven was a tree. And it’s not a question of which kind of tree so much as where he’ll end up taking root. Bran may be destined to forever remain beyond the Wall because of the Night King’s make that may unward the magic in the Wall. Or is a reward for doing his part to defeat the Night King to rest eternally in the godswood at Winterfell?

Let’s theorize, speculate, and ruminate on Bran’s role in this whole Game of Thrones saga. And don’t forget to vote up your favorite theory.

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Did Bran Whisper in the Mad King’s Ear?
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As soon as we saw Bran’s ability to warg into the past, where his young father sort of heard Bran call out to him outside the Tower of Joy, the Internet went crazy-town. And that was before we saw Bran’s vision of the Mad King. So it raises the question: are Targaryens predisposed to madness, or was Aerys driven mad by Future Bran's whispers? Maybe Bran in the future was petitioning him not to kill his grandfather and uncle, Rickard and Brandon? 
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Is Bran the Same Person as Brandon the Builder?
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This theory has been around in some form or another for a while, but now it doesn’t seem so tinfoily. The theory goes that Bran either wargs into his ancestor Brandon the Builder or IS Brandon the Builder via time travel. Bran in the future knew about the second coming of the Long Night and told Brandon in the past (the Stark that established House Stark) to build the Wall to repel the White Walkers
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Is Bran Orchestrating Everything?
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Bran is pretty much omnipotent, and Redditor /u/gdazz44 believes he is so powerful that he can quickly travel to multiple points of time and through various people. They think he is responsible for every event that has led to the present:

In the 30-45 minutes of film time while he was warging [during Season 8, episode 3], he was simultaneously traveling through every conceivable point in time that we have seen in the show in order to prepare Arya to kill the Night King. Whispering in people’s ears in order to create a religion that his sister would take part in and become the badass assassin she is. I could go way more into depth, but I think Bran was the puppet master making sure everything was in place for Arya to kill the Night King.

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Who Was the Previous Three-Eyed Raven?
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Brynden Rivers was the legitimized bastard of Aegon IV Targaryen. His mother was Melissa Blackwood and Shiera Seastar was his mistress. Seastar was also another bastard of Aegon’s. Rivers was an albino and had a winestain birthmark from his throat to his right cheek that resembled a raven made of blood, thus the name Bloodraven. He’s known as the Three-Eyed Raven in the series.     

Rivers served as Hand to his nephew King Aerys I Targaryen as well as Maeker I Targaryen. He was also a Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. He fought on the side of the Blackfyres in the Rebellions. The rumor was that he was a sorcerer. He’s a conflicted character who has been seen as a villain. He was sent to the Wall for his part in the beheading of Aenys Blackfyre. He rose to the position of Lord Commander in 239 AC and went missing in 252 when he went ranging beyond the Wall.   

Many believe the Bloodraven was chosen by the Children because he possessed the ability to warg and that he was part or a larger prophecy. The Children may have helped him develop his greenseer sight or he simply went into the darkness into the roots of the ancient weirwood tree beyond the Wall to grow strong. The Children of the Forest believe the Three-Eyed Raven or Three-Eyed Crow is the last greenseer until Bran arrives. 
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