21 People Who Used Their Creative Writing Abilities To Jot Down Something Pretty Silly

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Ever read something and think, "That's a first"? If not, then read on! This list is full of posts curated from r/brandnewsentence, one of the best places to find creative writing on the internet.

  • 1. Stink Mist

    Stink Mist
    Photo: u/hushitsu / Reddit
    186 votes
  • 2. Citrus Poltergeist

    Citrus Poltergeist
    Photo: u/Girly_Attitude / Reddit
    183 votes
  • 3. Aggressive Vaping

    Aggressive Vaping
    Photo: u/shabbysinger / Reddit
    128 votes
  • 4. Never Too Much

    Never Too Much
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    135 votes
  • 5. That Is What It's Like

    That Is What It's Like
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    85 votes
  • 6. Overachievers

    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    135 votes