25 Funny Times People Added Some Delightfully Disturbing Posts To Our Timeline

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Every now and them someone logs on and posts something we've truly never seen before. As seen on r/brandnewsentence, these wordsmiths never fail to delight and disturb in equal measure. 

  • 1. Ghost And Zombie

    Ghost And Zombie
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    2,116 votes
  • 2. Think You're Stronger Than A Dinosaur?

    Think You're Stronger Than A Dinosaur?
    Photo: u/IRedditDoU / Reddit
    1,214 votes
  • 3. Investment

    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    1,202 votes
  • 4. I Got An Idea

    I Got An Idea
    Photo: u/jakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee / Reddit
    1,325 votes
  • 5. That One-Up Friend

    That One-Up Friend
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    1,067 votes
  • 6. Snackpectations

    Photo: u/Proxila / Reddit
    1,355 votes