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The Disappearance Of Brandon Swanson, Who Drove Into A Ditch And Was Never Seen Again

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The Brandon Swanson case begins with a college freshman celebrating the end of the semester with friends. However, the evening took a turn for the worse when Swanson crashed his car and had to call his parents for help. Though Brandon claimed to know where he was, his parents couldn't find him; then, while on the phone with his father, Swanson shouted an expletive before the line abruptly went dead. That was the last time Brian and Annette Swanson ever heard from their son. As Annette said in one interview, "You know people don't vanish into thin air, but it sure seems like he did."

Even years later, there are still no answers regarding what happened to Brandon Swanson, though theories abound. Here is the sequence of events leading up to and following Brandon's disappearance, as well as some of the popular theories in his case.

  • Brandon Swanson Drove Into A Ditch On His Way Home From A Party

    In the early morning of May 14, 2008, 19-year-old Brandon Swanson drove his Chevy Lumina into a ditch near Lynd, MN. Swanson had just finished his freshman year at Minnesota West Community and Technical College, and had gone out with friends for a night of celebration.

    Shortly after midnight, Swanson called his parents to ask for a ride home. Despite staying in close contact with his parents as they drove towards Lynd, they would never find their son.

  • Swanson’s Parents Drove To Pick Him Up, But They Couldn’t Find Him

    Swanson called his parents shortly after midnight on May 14 to tell them about the accident and get a ride home. Annette and Brian Swanson left their home in Marshall, MN, and headed towards Lynd.

    Swanson reportedly had a good idea of where he was, and his parents drove towards the area, flashing their lights in hopes that Swanson would see them. Although Brandon said he was certain of his location, his parents couldn't find him. Brian and Annette stayed on the phone with their son for approximately 47 minutes before the call abruptly ended.

  • While Directing His Father Over The Phone, Swanson Exclaimed ‘Oh sh*t!’ And The Line Went Dead

    Annette and Brian Swanson drove to the area where they believed their son had crashed and began looking for his green Chevy Lumina. They were still on the phone with Brandon, who grew frustrated that they couldn't find him and at one point hung up on them. Annette stated that she called Brandon back and apologized, and he told his parents he would walk to a friend's house.

    After dropping Annette off back at their home, Brian drove back to Lynd to look for Brandon. The two were on the phone at around 2 am when Brandon suddenly exclaimed, "Oh sh*t!"

    According to Brian Swanson, "There was nothing after that."

  • During The Initial Search, One Officer Allegedly Said Swanson ‘Had A Right To Be Missing’

    After a fruitless night of searching for her son, Annette Swanson called police around 6:30 am to report him missing. However, authorities had no better luck finding Brandon or his car than Brian and Annette.

    The police investigation into Swanson's disappearance was allegedly delayed because authorities didn't find the situation strange; according to Annette, police weren't particularly concerned about a missing 19-year-old who was out partying with his friends at the end of the semester. Annette even recalled one officer saying that Brandon "had a right to be missing."