The Brands British People Miss the Most When Abroad

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There are certain brands easily found in Britain, but a struggle to find abroad. The problem is, these are the kinds of British brands that taste like home, that make you nostalgic for Sunday roasts and a cup of tea. Foreign brands simply are not the same - foreign chocolate, is NEVER the same. From McVities, to Bachelor's, to Sharwood's curry sauce, this is a list of the brands British people miss terribly when they travel far from home.

What brands do the Brits miss most when they're abroad? Everything from bread to baked beans and meats seem to be missing from the shelves of foreign countries. How are British people supposed to truly experience a new culture without a good cup of tea in their belly? Not only that, but there are some brands on this list that simply don't have the British flair, despite being found in different countries. Take Cadbury for instance: it's difficult if not impossible to find a Flake, Wispa bar, or Time Out anywhere but Britain, which is why you will find the internationally recognised chocolate brand on this list. 

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Most divisive: Marmite
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