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Essential Brands for Yogis

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If you're a dedicated yogi, chances are you take more into consideration when purchasing items than just how comfortable items are. Although sporting yoga pants has become a staple in nearly all women's wardrobes, dedicated yogis know that wearing spandex pants and occasionally attending Bikram is not enough to make you a yogi. Real yogis and yoga aficionados are no stranger to these top yoga brands.

Being a true yogi is a lifestyle! If you really love yoga, you probably already love the yoga clothing companies and good yoga mat makers on this list. But which are the best yoga brands, essential for any yogi's daily life? Yogis take pride in the best quality yoga apparel, the eco-friendly materials they are made from, and all the other brands that offer top-notch, totally zen, yoga services and related products, from mats to pants, and even tea.

Perfect your yoga poses in style! This list of companies and businesses that offer yoga products, clothing, and services ranks all the greatest yoga brands, so you can live this eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank.
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    Essential oil wipes for yoga mats.
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    Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants

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    Hyperbeat Urban Compression leggings have specially designed body forming tech+ that aids muscle recovery, allowing you to train at your optimum while being comfortable. With moisture wicking fabric that reduces chaffing, there is now no reason for you not to be training at your best.  
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    Sustainably made yoga mats, towels, and accessories.
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    Durable and eco-friendly yoga mats. 
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    Nordstrom's answer to the yoga craze. 
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    Clothing for a range of athletic activities including Bikram and other hot yogas. 
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    Offers clothing, accessories, and maternity clothing for yogi mommies to be.
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    They plant a tree for every mat sold. 
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    Uses quality organic cotton and sustainable fibers to promote the yogic philosophy of kindness to the planet. 
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    Specializes in clothing for sweaty workouts, especially Bikram and hot yoga. 
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    Clothing designed for style and function on and off the mat. 
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    U.S. company that offers yoga bags and products. Their mats are made from high quality faux leather.
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    Fashion-forward pieces that are also functional due to their wicking performance fabric. 
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    Looser pieces and compression garments that are made for sweating. 
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    ALO stands for Air Land Ocean and offers eco-friendly and luxurious feeling yoga fashion. 
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    Offers leggings, hoodies, and tanks in fabrics like organic cotton and polyester that are actually made from recycled plastic bottles. 
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    You can actually shop according to the type of yoga you'll be mastering in. 
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    These super fun and creative yoga pants are made from recycled plastic bottles. 
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    This Victorian-era inspired line offers classy sports bras, leggings and capris. 
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    This Kickstarter launched company offers yoga bags made with hand-woven textiles from impoverished Maya women living in Guatemalan communities. 
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    These non-slip mini-mats that you wear on your hands and feet allow you to do yoga anywhere. No mat needed!
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    One-of-a-kind, made-to-order yoga blocks to help you reach those out-of-reach poses. 
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    Offers the perfect amount of grip for hot yoga, or standard yoga. 
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    Workable clothing that incorporates children-created artwork into its designs. 
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