Essential Brands for Yogis

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If you're a dedicated yogi, chances are you take more into consideration when purchasing items than just how comfortable items are. Although sporting yoga pants has become a staple in nearly all women's wardrobes, dedicated yogis know that wearing spandex pants and occasionally attending Bikram is not enough to make you a yogi. Real yogis and yoga aficionados are no stranger to these top yoga brands.

Being a true yogi is a lifestyle! If you really love yoga, you probably already love the yoga clothing companies and good yoga mat makers on this list. But which are the best yoga brands, essential for any yogi's daily life? Yogis take pride in the best quality yoga apparel, the eco-friendly materials they are made from, and all the other brands that offer top-notch, totally zen, yoga services and related products, from mats to pants, and even tea.

Perfect your yoga poses in style! This list of companies and businesses that offer yoga products, clothing, and services ranks all the greatest yoga brands, so you can live this eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank.
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  • Persu
    18 votes

    Sustainable clothing for people who live fully, play long, & travel well.

  • Yogi Tea
    11 votes
    Vegan, herbal supplement tea company with compostable bags offering a wide range of flavors with various benefits. 
  • Don't Know
    7 votes

    Don't Know

    Supportive vegan and biodegradable tops and bottoms made from bamboo and organic cotton.
  • Lululemon Athletica
    10 votes
    Yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that offers mats, towels, apparel, and accessories. 
  • Nike
    10 votes


    Already a leader in sport's apparel, Nike has expanded their line to include all yoga-specific offerings like clothing, mats, and accessories. 
  • Gaiam
    10 votes
    Motion Picture and Video Production
    Fitness lifestyle brand that also sells home goods, instructional videos, and yoga mats.