Brands that Remind You of Childhood

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Which products make you feel the most nostalgic?

Which brands remind you the most of your childhood? Your mom may think you're too old to have Nerf gun fights, or spend all day sitting on your bedroom floor playing Sega and eating Chef Boyardee, but that doesn't mean she's right. There are lots of brands and companies from childhood that make 90s kids wax nostalgic, just seeing a logo or coming across part of an old favorite toy when home for the holidays. What brands bring back the carefree air of childhood for you?

Even for those of us who have reluctantly set aside our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers and traded in our Tamagotchis for seemingly endless hours of Farmville, the mention of these brands - emblems of a more innocent, less technologically sophisticated era - can still bring a smile to our world-weary faces.

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