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Brands That Changed Your Life For The Better

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List RulesOnly brands that have actually improved the quality of your life through their products. Vote up those that have had the most positive impact on you personally..

It may sound weird to say that a brand or a company has had a profound impact on your life, but for many, it's absolutely true. Over the years, private companies have created products that deeply change the way we navigate through and enjoy life. From actual physical things to digital products, these companies have found the sweet spot and have figured out how to actually improve our lives. These are all companies that people associate with helpfulness and efficiency, rather than the negative connotations that corporations sometimes come with. This list seeks to rank the most loved brands - those that are improving our lives and changing the world. 

When Apple debuted the iPhone and the concept of a "convergence device," it changed the way we looked at our phones. Now, the actual phone portion of it is almost secondary to everything else a smartphone can do. Google and Facebook have completely changed the way we find things, the way we interact with people, and they way we consume media. Amazon has definitely changed the way that we shop. This is only a fraction of the list, and yet we already know immediately that these brands have changed the way we live on a daily basis. 

So take a look at this list of beloved brands and vote up the ones you love the mos.! Has IKEA made your apartment a much more inviting home? Has Netflix disrupted the way you watch TV or movies? Did LEGO, Mattel, and Nintendo improve your childhood? Let the world know by voting up the brands that have improved your life.

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