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Sassy Brands That Have Burned Other Brands on Twitter

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Brands like Oreo, Doritos, and AMC are in our homes regularly, so it's fun to see them show their personalities on social media sites like Twitter. There's almost nothing better than a funny brand tweet, except, of course, for a full-on brand-on-brand Twitter entanglement. You may have noticed that brands on Twitter aren't shy about going after other companies.

Trash talking isn't just for the sports arena. When you've got big business to protect, you won't shy away from a little confrontation. Just ask Burger King or Verizon. Here are the sassy brands on Twitter delivering sick burns to their competitors. Company tweets FTW!

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    Old Spice tried to get sassy here, but they underestimated their opponent.

    Taco Bell fired back at Old Spice's fire sauce with a sassy tweet that totally slayed.

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    DAMN, Verizon!

    Coming in hot with that T-Mobile burn!

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    Discovery Channel

    The Discovery Channel's Twitter moderator is apparently not a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    With little-to-no prompting, they delivered a sick Twitter burn about the hockey team's (nonexistent) skill level. Ouch.

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    Dallas Stars

    Hometown showdown! The Dallas Cowboys tweeted their disdain for their home city's hockey team - only to get totally owned.

    Hell yeah, Dallas Stars.