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27 Brands That Tried Way Too Hard... and Failed

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We don’t mean to be pessimistic when we say that anything fun or cool that you ever do will be co-opted by a company or a brand that also wants to be perceived as fun and cool and isn't afraid of trying too hard to do it. That’s just sort of the way the world works in this modern dystopian science fiction novel that we call life. The moment that you hear a word like “fleek” or “bae” you can start counting down to when McDonald's is going to start selling a new Baecon wrapped Baeg Mac. Usually this form of marketing feels forced and immediately dated. Also it’s ridiculous and makes us lose what little respect we had for companies that sell burgers and green soda. On this list we’ve collected our favorite brand fails from across the Internet for your viewing pleasure.

We heard you like brand fails, so we put some brand fails on your brand fails and made this list of the biggest brands trying too hard and failing. From Taco Bell, to Mountain Dew, and especially Denny’s, the fails on this list will leave you scratching your head and wondering just what the heck the company was trying to do. In most cases it seems like the company is trying to be cool, and to let you know that even though they might be a billion dollar corporation, they’re just like you! But they end up looking foolish and are most often put to the irons by the web. At least they made it onto this list of the biggest brand fails. Right?

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    Pizza Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom

    We're all for wishing a happy birthday to one of our founding fathers and most memed Americans - but we're on board with the rest of the internet in thinking that maybe someone other than a cartoon mouse that serves pizza should have made this announcement.

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    Kroger Doesn't Understand Memes

    Photo: @kroger / Twitter
    For International Pi Day, Kroger posted this incredibly confusing tweet. Do you think they understand what a meme is? Did an intern try to explain memes to them before they threw him off a roof and posted this instead? Intelligent tweeters everywhere responded accordingly.
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    Photo: Twitter

    Can someone please tell us what Divergent is about? Is it one of the movies where a teen gets cancer or one of the movies where a teen has to off other teens? How can we take our baes to the movie if we don't know what it's about?! 

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    Yo Dawg! We Heard You Like Memes But Please Stop!

    Photo: @NortonOnline / Twitter

    Just when you think it's safe to go back on the Internet, Norton Anti-virus goes and digs up the most tired meme they could find. It's like they heard we liked sadness so they made our sadness sad with Xzibit.