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27 Brands That Tried Way Too Hard... and Failed

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We don’t mean to be pessimistic when we say that anything fun or cool that you ever do will be co-opted by a company or a brand that also wants to be perceived as fun and cool and isn't afraid of trying too hard to do it. That’s just sort of the way the world works in this modern dystopian science fiction novel that we call life. The moment that you hear a word like “fleek” or “bae” you can start counting down to when McDonald's is going to start selling a new Baecon wrapped Baeg Mac. Usually this form of marketing feels forced and immediately dated. Also it’s ridiculous and makes us lose what little respect we had for companies that sell burgers and green soda. On this list we’ve collected our favorite brand fails from across the Internet for your viewing pleasure.

We heard you like brand fails, so we put some brand fails on your brand fails and made this list of the biggest brands trying too hard and failing. From Taco Bell, to Mountain Dew, and especially Denny’s, the fails on this list will leave you scratching your head and wondering just what the heck the company was trying to do. In most cases it seems like the company is trying to be cool, and to let you know that even though they might be a billion dollar corporation, they’re just like you! But they end up looking foolish and are most often put to the irons by the web. At least they made it onto this list of the biggest brand fails. Right?

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    Cool Dad Miller Lite Has Something To Say

    As if to say, "Hey guys! Don't forget that we loooove to drink and that we're very very cool!" Miller Lite posted this tweet in response to the launch of the Apple Watch.

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    Mountain Dew Doesn't Get It

    A product once considered very "with it," and "extreme," Montain Dew seems to have fallen on hard times and has taken to declare itself the bae. Even though errybody knows that Mountain Dew: Code Red is the true bae. Hopefully baes errywhere don't continue to turn on The Dew like this girl.

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    The Worst Fit Bit EVER

    The few people who responded to Hostess' weird body horror tweet insisting that a Twinkie is just what someone needs mid workout seemed to be into it. TBH we're still barfing in our mouths.

  • Photo: McDonald's

    It's not clear what McDonald's was trying to do with their rebranding of the Hamburglar. Was he some sort of burger thieving hipster? No one knows for sure, but the responses ranged from ridicule to fan videos created by burgeoning ad companies. Personally, we added an extra lock to our hamburger safe.