The Best Brat Pack Movies

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Movies on this list must have been released in the 1980s and have had one or more cast member who also appeared in The Breakfast Club or St. Elmo's Fire.

The Brat Pack, a group of young actors and actresses who appeared in many films together, dominated Hollywood in the 1980s. Their films were primarily teen-oriented coming-of-age stories involving young romance, troubled youth, and plenty of fast times. If you've ever asked yourself, "Who was in the Brat Pack?" You're in the right place to find out.

The Brat Pack refers to the constellation of actors that appeared in either St. Elmo’s Fire or The Breakfast Club. Notable Brat Pack members include Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, and Molly Ringwald. They really made some great '80s movies together.

On this list of the best Brat Pack films of the 1980s, you’ll find memorable titles like Pretty in Pink, The Outsiders, and Weird Science. Vote up your favorite Brat Pack movies below, and vote down any that you think other Brat Pack fans should skip. 

Most divisive: The Pick-up Artist
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