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'Brave' movie quotes include the best lines from this 2012 Pixar adventure film. 'Brave' features an all-star cast of voices, including Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Kevin McKidd and Craig Ferguson. In 'Brave,' young, Scottish Princess Merida must lift a horrible spell placed on her mother. Merida craves adventure, and she definitely gets plenty of it in 'Brave.' See a favorite quote from the 'Brave' film? Vote it up! And, if you have a personal fave quote that isn't listed, be sure to add it.

'Brave' is a classic adventure/fantasy movie, animated by Pixar and directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman. Princess Merida (Macdonald) is stubborn and absolutely determined to live a more exciting life than the one she has in her family's kingdom in Scotland. Her parents, King Fergus (Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Thompson) want to shelter her -- they'd like to see Merida married off. That's definitely not what Merida wants. She craves adventure and longs to be off on her own, independent of anyone and everything. That certainly breaks with the kingdom's royal traditions and expectations, and her parents aren't happy about it. Merida eventually leaves the safety of her kingdom, with only her horse, Angus, for company. Can she survive in the wild? Merida does have skills: She's extremely handy with a bow and arrow, and her archery skills will come in handy as she faces enemies unlike anything she's ever known before.

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Arrows Into the Sunset
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King Fergus: "Pretend I'm Merida. Speak to me. What would you say?"
Queen Elinor: "I can't do this..."
King Fergus: "Sure you can." (Elinor gives him a dirty look) "There! There! That's my queen. Right? Here we go..." (in a shrill voice): "I don't want to get married, I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset."

Poor Queen Elinor: She's having such a hard time accepting that Merida is determined to be her own person. She's trying hard to understand, and King Fergus decides to help her (with humor).
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My Own Hand
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Princess Merida: "I am Merida, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!"
Queen Elinor: "What are you doing? Merida!"
Princess Merida: "Curse, this dress!" (splits her dress and draws her bow)
Queen Elinor: "Merida, stop this! Don't you dare loose another arrow!" (Merida keeps shooting) "Merida, I forbid it!"

Merida discovers she has a great aptitude with a bow and arrow. As her would-be suitors try to win her hand in marriage by impressing everyone with their (average-to-bad) archery skills, Merida decides to take things into her own hands, literally.
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Changing Fate
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Princess Merida: "I want a spell that will change my fate."

Merida is determined to alter the course of her life, but at what cost? The price may be far higher than she realizes. The Wise Woman (Julie Walters) gives her the spell she wants, though it's certainly NOT what she'd expected.
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Carried in the Wind
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King Fergus: "The ancients spoke of it. It is the heart of this fierce land. It is carried in the wind. Born of our legends and when we are put to the test, it is the one thing that we must always be."

Bravery is regarded as the "heart" of the kingdom. Generations of families in Scotland have faced seemingly insurmountable odds, and somehow prevailed. This includes King Fergus, the ruler of DunBroch (and his daughter, Merida).
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